Summer 2016 release → Anabelia2


A short, ambient mystery set in the Riverwalk district of Reno, NV.


Regionware Writer

A web platform for locative storytelling. With it you can build engaging, location-based 'First Person Readers', historical annotations, place-tagged poetry, and other locative literature.

(Clojure, PostgreSQL, Rails)


Regionware Guide

A discovery tool for locative media, art and services. Results are updated automatically based upon your GPS position and are dynamically grouped according to distance.

(Clojure, PostgreSQL)


Lazy Sequence

A roving AR exhibition featuring 18 dreamscapes completed between 2005 and 2012. These images are arranged in a 30m spiral display, the core of which slowly drifts around the Reno-Tahoe area, lingering in open spaces. The current location is provided via the RenoArtExplorer guide.

This augmented reality art project uses the Layar platform and a custom application server (Rails, javascript, MongoDB).

current location

Shakespeare's Seats

In this popular installation, park benches along Reno's Riverside Drive (from Washington to Booth Streets) have been illuminated with selected Sonnets of William Shakespeare. Just sit down on a bench, open this location-aware page with your smartphone and enjoy!

(Rails, MongoDB, javascript)


19 Genera of Archaea (and friends)

Originally a roving AR exhibition this assembly of genome images is now a static web-based gallery.

The gallery opens in new window.



Reno Art explorer

Reno Art explorer is a curated, location-based navigator and guide to artworks around the Reno-Tahoe region.

(Rails, MongoDB, HTML5)


other things


A toolkit used to produce the "genome spectra" images used in A Short Survey of some Source Code, 19 Genera of Archaea and other projects.


Slide Mountain

This fun little project was a ski/snowboard/sliding game built on the (now sadly, defunct) Metaplace user-created-game & metaverse platform.

It was written in Lua and you can view a captioned slideshow of the game-world at the link below.


and many other metaverse projects...